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The Endorois Case at the ACHPRs Court – Communication 276 of 2003

Period: 2003-to date (scheduled to continue in the future)
Project Brief:

CEMIRIDE filed a case before the African Commission on Human Peoples Rights on behalf of the Endorois Community in August 2003. The Endorois community, a pastoralist, hunter-gatherer and bee-keeping community numbering approximately 60,000 had lost their ancestral land without consultation or compensation in 1973 through a government gazzettement which created a national reserve (Lake Bogoria national Reserve).


In February 2008, the AU adopted the ruling by the ACPHR Court directing the Government of Kenya (GOK) to offer appropriate compensation to the Endorois Community for their loss of land.


At the moment, CEMIRIDE, on behalf of and in partnership with the Endorois Community is negotiating the compensation modalities with the GOK.

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