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N case you thought that perhaps the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Tote juggernaut could be stopped, we are here this morning to prove you wrong. The bag, which continues to fly off the shelf in its most sought-after colors, is making a reappearance for the impending warm weather in a host of half-canvas, half-leather iterations that lighten up the bags weight as well as its already reasonable price tag. If you're preppy, on a budget and looking for a new spring bag, you're going to want to check this out.The bag, trimmed in white leather, will come in the medium, large and crossbody sizes that Selma lovers are already familiar with. Inset within the leather trim is contrasting canvas, which is currently available in black, turquoise or bright pink. The canvas puts all these bags in the sub-$300 price range, but the bag retains its fresh feel, even if it sacrifices a bit of the original's minimalism.

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